What Do Ball Pythons Eat?

Ball pythons are popular pet snakes known for their docile nature and relatively low maintenance. When it comes to their diet, ball pythons are carnivores, which means they eat a variety of small prey items.

The primary food source for ball pythons is rodents, such as mice and rats. Depending on the size and age of the snake, the prey size will vary. Hatchlings and young ball pythons typically eat small mice, while adult pythons can consume larger rats.  It is important to feed the right size rodent.  It should not be larger that the width of the snake’s body.  

It’s important to note that ball pythons are constrictors, meaning they squeeze their prey to subdue it before swallowing it whole. They do not chew their food but instead have stretchy jaws that allow them to consume prey much larger than their head.

In addition to rodents, some ball pythons may also accept other small mammals, such as rabbits or guinea pigs, as part of their diet. However, rodents are the most common and easily accessible food source for these snakes.

It’s crucial to provide your ball python with appropriately sized prey items.  It should not be larger that the width of the snake’s body.  Feeding them prey that is too large can lead to regurgitation or other health issues. It’s recommended to feed adult ball pythons every 7-10 days, while younger snakes may require more frequent feedings.

Always ensure that the prey items are from a reputable source and are properly thawed if frozen. This helps prevent any potential health risks for your snake.


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